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10 Best Facebook Alternatives to Protect Your Privacy 2021

Alternatives of Facebook

There are many reasons why people want to leave Facebook privacy concerns, censorship, constant security breaches, and leaks that seem to be the primary reasons including the recent data leaks affecting more than half a billion users. whatever your reason is for leaving the platform I’ll share with you 10 social media alternatives of Facebook while none of these will have all the features Facebook as I do encourage you to try some of them out you just might find one that fits your needs.

1. Mewe

If you’re looking for a true alternative To Facebook MEWE might be your best bet it offers just about every feature that you’ll find on Facebook with better privacy. as their slogan states: – “your private life is hashtag not for sale no, no, no bs.”

posts are shown in chronological order and not based on any algorithm. you decide on which type of content appears in your news feed they also don’t sell any of their user’s personal data. it should be noted one of their advisors is sir Tim Berners-Lee the inventor of the world wide web in addition to their website MEWE is also available for both iOS and Android.

2. Vero

Vero just like MEWE has no ads no data mining and the results are not listed based on algorithms not being fully-featured viral more resembles. Instagram the Facebook-owned Instagram as a place to share photos and links the feed is in chronological order and you control what is shared with friends’ followers and the public for each post to access Vero there’s no website it’s only available with apps for android and iOS in the latest update to their app they’ve improved their chat feature and you can now make voice and video calls.

3. Minds

Another platform people have been flocking to over the last couple of years is minds this privacy-oriented open source social network describes itself as the anti-Facebook crypto social network stated simply the three core principles offers more transparency and accountability with less bias censorship and more diverse discourse minds are available on the web with apps also available for Android and IOS.

While the service is free they’ve introduced a new premium model starting at five dollars per month called minds plus this gives users access to new features and helps creators to get paid for popular content in us dollars bitcoin and ether

4. Diaspora

Diaspora is another decentralized platform like mastodon but is more similar to Facebook than Twitter instead of an instance on diaspora uses to create or register with what is known as a pod comparing diaspora to mastodon if you just want something with similar functions to Facebook go with diaspora otherwise if your is to interact with more people mastodon is a better choice now with four times as many users as diaspora with the five remaining being more niche I’ll go through the rest of these at a quicker pace.

5. Nextdoor

Next up is next door. sorry guys, this is not a dating app that lets you date the girl next door the social network helps you to stay up to date with what’s going on in your neighborhood.

6. Mastodon

Mastodon while having some features that are similar to Facebook is more closely an alternative to Twitter it’s ad free there’s a limit of 500 characters and unlike Twitter, you can post anything you want mastodon is a decentralized platform there’s no official apps or dedicated website and no single person or company runs it instead users create their own version of mastodon allied an instance each instance is a community-operated with their own set of rules.

7. Rafter

Rafter is a platform with terrible marketing and an even worse name based on the name you think this is a platform for outdoorsmen but believe it or not the service is for college students to connect with other students and to keep up with what’s happening at their school.

8. Ello

Ello with more than a million active users is geared towards creatives that help to connect artists and designers. but beware some of the content may not be safe for work unless you’re who works from home.

9. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a very popular social network geared towards professionals it allows users to engage with other professionals and develop relationships that can become more personal while LinkedIn may be a subsidiary of Microsoft don’t let that dissuade you I’ve known many people that have received employment by using this platform just know that their history with data leaks is not that great.

10. Reddit

Reddit is a social news aggregator and discussion website where you can submit content into subforums they call subreddits on just about any topic of interest to you these posts to get voted up and down and discussed by other members in the community.


If your primary reason for using Facebook is to post and discuss various topics then Facebook is for you but if you’re concerned about privacy and censorship then it’s probably best that you avoid using it.

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