You are currently viewing 5 Best Wireless ANC Neckbands in India under RS 5000

5 Best Wireless ANC Neckbands in India under RS 5000

5 Best Wireless ANC Neckbands

The 5 Best neckband with ANC or active noise cancellation now there are two-part of earphones Neckband and ANC so let’s start with the neckband first-

Now neckband is something that you wear over your neck all the time so people who are confused between neckband or TWS well there are perks to each one of them and I won’t go about details about the twos here but one thing that I like about neckband is that it stays on your neck all the time so if you’re traveling or moving around the house the neckband stays there and if you need it you just put it in your ears.

The TWS, on the other hand, has other perks such as there’s no wire resting on your shoulder and it has a good battery backup overall but then again you do have to carry a case all the time okay so now that you’ve decided to go with the neckband the next question comes whether an ANC or not and well ANC or active noise cancellation is useful when you want clear audio without raising the volume level too high so a quick recap there is two forms of noise cancellation active and passive.

Passive is created from the earbuds which pretty much all the headphones neckband TWS try to provide active noise cancellation, on the other hand, is rare and expensive it uses a microphone to listen to the external sound and then makes an opposite sound by pushing the air in the other direction that opposite sound is added to the music coming through the earphones and then cancel the noise effectively.

So, now that you know about the ANC as well as neckband you might have noticed a lot of company these days are making ANC neckband but the question that has to be asked is which one to buy well in this blog, we will be covering-

  1. Mi neckband pro
  2. Realme wireless pro
  3. Oppo Enco Q1
  4. Edifier W330NB
  5. Zebronics Zeb Monk

1. Mi Neckband Pro

The first one on our list is the mi neckband pro which is also the cheapest one now what I like about them is the sleek and minimal design typically how Xiaomi makes a product where you get the three buttons like always the volume up, volume down and power the power button also act as a pause and play button and then there is an active noise cancellation or ANC button single press the ANC to turn it on and press it again to turn it off it also has magnetic earbuds but unfortunately unlike Realme, it doesn’t pause the music other than I like the sleek design.

What separates mi neckband from the rest neckbands is the battery life yes it offers 20 hours of battery life while all the others have a standard 10 to 12 hours it also has IPX5 sweatproof so you can use it in the gym but not in the rain. one thing that I didn’t like about this is the micro USB slot and not type C so recently when I was out and about the battery on mi neckband pro died and I only had the MacBook type C charger with me and of course I wasn’t able to charge the neckband but that’s all right for the price.

Now let’s talk about the most important part the ANC and well the ANC on mi neckband pro isn’t that effective, now I use airports pro as my daily driver and the ANC part there and in this one isn’t comparable which is also understandable because of the price and also a lot of people often ask me if these are compatible with other computers and smartphones and yes the ANC is built in the neckband so yes it will work with any device.

2. Zebronics Zeb monk

Next up in the list, we have the Zebronics Zeb monk now it has pretty much all the features just like any other neckband so I will only cover those that are different first of all I like the noise cancellation on this one slightly better that said this Zebronics neckband has a slight latency problem the audio doesn’t match with the lips and while there’s no way to show you on the blog but I did notice it personally another issue I face is with the call quality so this ranks below everyone else when it comes to calling, quality on that note. now one thing to keep in mind here is whether you turn on the ANC or not the other party will have no significant impact on what they are listening to remember the ANC is only in the earphones and not in the mic.

3. Edifier W330NB

Next, we have the Edifier W330NB which is trying to offer a premium experience and the keyword here is premium what really stands out is that this comes in a big box interesting because we are living in a world where smartphone boxes are becoming smaller, either way, it also has a pouch in it which I really like but what I didn’t like is the weight distribution as you can see these are quite bulky from the edges and I can feel the constant presence on my neck.

Now, this could be a subjective thing but what’s not subjective is that this one has a serious connectivity issue all the neckband in this list has a  range of 10 meters and they all work fine but in this one, the moment I go to another room the connection breaks I wonder if this was the issue with my unit only but the other reviews on amazon confirmed the same overall the ANC, as well as connectivity on this one, isn’t that great and you can easily skip this one moving on to some serious business.

4. Realme Wireless Pro

Next up we have the Realme wireless pro now what’s makes it different from the rest it’s a bit expensive one in the list and that’s the reason the build quality is high and I also found the ANC on this one which cuts off noise up to 35 decibels by the way best compared to all the neckbands in this list, of course, the key is best among all the five neckbands and not the best ANC overall one thing that separates this from the rest is that it connects to two different devices at once so say if you are on windows and then you get a call you can simply press the ANC button to switch super handy also there is a type C port as well as fast charging.

So, if you are running late you just have to charge this neckband for 5 minutes and it will last up to two hours although you get the same type of c port as well as rapid charging in Oppo Enco Q1 that we will be covering soon overall there are a few things that you should know if you’re considering this one.

5. Oppo Enco Q1

Finally, we have the Oppo Enco Q1 now this is the most high-quality build in this list but then again it’s the most expensive as well the weight distribution in oppo enco Q1 is one of the best which makes it sturdy as well as comfortable enough to stay on the neck for the entire day another thing that I like about this is the ear tips they are quite comfortable for me as you can see it’s a bit different from all the others and I really like this design but others might not like.

The fit as they tend to fall off the ear thankfully it does comes with three extra ear tips just like all the neckband in this list there are also three listening modes so whether you are listening to music cinema or gaming you can switch to them by double-tapping the ANC button but in my testing, this is something decent and you can do the same thing with equalizer apps as well now coming down to the active noise cancellation part well that’s also decent and best turn it on or off the difference isn’t much and this brings us to.


An important question how much would I rate the ANC on all of these neckbands and then let’s say if the ANC on my airports pro is 9 on a scale of zero to 10, then the ANC on all of these neckbands won’t score more than 3 or 4 and I don’t even blame them you see ANC’S are usually available around 20,000 rupees or even more and all of these neckband costs not more than two thousand rupees so you can’t really expect anything serious.

That said the companies are using ANC here as a marketing gimmick since most of the users are trying these neckbands for the first time so they won’t be able to tell any difference from the first experience overall the point is if your criteria are ANC alone then you can skip all of them because none of them provide industry-standard ANC however if you’re looking for a decent pair of the neckband with a slight touch of ANC then these are worth considering out of which I would recommend the Xiaomi, as well as Realme ones they are quite a good oppo, is also good but it’s slightly more expensive for the features it offers and Zebronics and edifiers aren’t worth recommending.

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