Amazon Launches mini-TV to Compete with YouTube

Amazon Launches mini-TV to Compete with YouTube

What's Amazon mini-TV

Why not approach Big YouTubers and copy content from the content and put a new platform in front of YouTube itself? Maybe YouTube loses, maybe Amazon thinking like this and they launched Amazon Mini TV as the competitor of YouTube. Amazon approaches all the big YouTubers. There are also approached many big studios, web series such as TVF, which is called mini tv.   

Amazon mini-tv is not amazon prime or YouTube but you will find many genres of videos, videos like comedy videos and lifestyle videos, and web series it has mainly web series of TVF and filters copy and standup comedy. Amazon says No subscription fees are here for now. Always Free is here. Full entertainment has been spoken, for watching the Amazon Mini TV no separate app will be installed on your phone

The main issue of writing this article is now YouTube what can do in such a situation. This means, for now, see all the content that is available on the mini-TV platform, they already exist on YouTube and they garner millions of views on YouTube, now if you look at YouTube like a shop, then no one likes that the goods that are being found in his shop should be found anywhere.

I think YouTube will play dirty games with the YouTubers like video not showing in a search result or downgrade the big YouTubers videos or channel, the chances are limited for having all that things. But YouTube will do something regarding Amazon’s mini-TV. let’s see what type of action YouTube will take against Amazon only time will tell.

Amazon can’t rely on YouTube videos for a lifetime it has to provide unique content to its users in the future otherwise it will be difficult for Amazon to survive in long run.

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