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Android 12 is Here and Android 12 Top Features

Android 12

Android 12 on the Oneplus Nord well technically yes it is Android 12 but the Android 12 Generic System Image (GSI) by Google for Android devices and as an experiment, I flashed it out on my Oneplus Nord and guess what it worked so let’s have a look at some of the new features that we get with this Android 12 Generic System Image (GSI) as not all the features are yet live for devices other than the google pixel but this Generic System Image (GSI) provides a close experience of what is coming so relax this is not a clickbait but it was kind of fun to try Android 12 on this device because even Android 11 is still not fully stable surprisingly.

Best Features of Android 12

Now first of all google brings this new material UI design to Android 12 and it looks like everything is going to change soon the device now adapts to the wallpapers you apply and overall, the theme adapts to a similar color tone, and to be honest, it feels somewhat new and refreshing but I’m kind of hoping it will not go into something like one UI but I think this automatic theme system is really good and feels more polished and refined overall and this time the UI overall seems to be the major focus here.

So, let’s see when the phones like Oneplus 8T and Nord will get it because it seems like Oneplus likes to ditch older phones as they did the same with the Oneplus 8T as Android 12 beta was not released for it at all thanks for that anyways so some of the changes that I can see in this Generic System Image (GSI) well,

Top Features of Android 12:- 

  1. First of all, we have this new volume slider and they are huge easy to be used as such but very different from stock Android on top of that we have the silent mode and stuff so that’s the first change that I saw.
  2. The widgets are also quite redesigned now and they are more rounded and clean as such and even the widget picker has this new UI coming to the notification shade and this gets changed every year and this time too it has a bit of this newer UI and bigger tiles as well which are not visible on this Generic System Image (GSI) as of now but that’s how it is.
  3. The lock screen also has changed a lot and this change is also not visible in Generic System Image (GSI) of course as everything is pixel specific but the notification count and smaller tweaks have been done here and there.
  4. The next big UI change is with settings and the whole system in general so the device has this new one-handed mode sort of that looks like a child of one UI as you can see right here so the top portion is blank and the way lists used to be in Android well this is way different along with the icons as well and it has this over scroll animation too so every menu has this change now.
  5. The new UI change can also be seen in the pattern on the lock screen and it has this big trail now similar thing can be seen on the pin lock too.
  6. So, that’s yet another change one more UI refinement that I saw with this one is with the google assistant and this also seems slightly different to me as compared to Android 11 and invoking it feels more fluid and responsive as such speaking of invoking the google assistant, we have a new hold for assistant in power menu option so that enables you to use the power key to invoke google assistant which is helpful and I like this one also surprisingly bubble is working fine with this one.
  7. lastly, the music tile is also a bit different and looks a bit bigger with this bigger album art on the left and it feels nice as such well rest there are no other visible changes in this Generic System Image (GSI) but in general and specifically on pixel phones there are quite a lot of changes that can be seen with this beta one.

So, these are some of the new features on this Android 12 or Android s Generic System Image (GSI), and what do you guys feel about this UI change do you like it or hate it let me know in the comment section down below.

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