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Best TWS Earbuds With ANC Under RS. 5,000 in India

True Wireless Earbuds

There have been many TWS with active noise cancellation, such as boat and noise, which offers active noise cancellation. Then we have the recently launched Realme Buds Q2, which offers active noise cancellation for just 2,500 rupees. The upcoming Nothing air (1) will feature active noise cancellation, transparent design, and have features like airports probe for just rupees 6,000. 

Best TWS Earbuds with ANC:- 

  1. Realme Buds Air 2 
  2. Noise Buds solo  
  3. Boat Air buds 701 ANC  
  4. Oppo Enco W51  
  5. Realme Buds Q2

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let us quickly look at what is similar in all these TWS.  

  1. All these TWS in this list come with a single USB A to USB C cable. 
  2. Two additional pairs of rubber tips, small, medium, and large, and a charging case.  
  3. All of them have type C charging, and they can be used one earbud at a time.  
  4. All of them have a similar battery life that is 24 hours unless mentioned otherwise. 
  5. All of them have a similar tap application. For example, tap and hold to activate the noise cancellation and double-tap to pause and play the music, etc. 

What are ANC and the work of ANC?

Every headphone, earphone, or TWS that has active noise cancellation has a mic that listens to external sound and then makes an opposite sound by pushing air to the other direction, and these opposite sounds practically cancel the noise. 

01. Realme Buds Q2

The cheapest TWS with active noise cancellation that was released just a few days ago is the Realme buds Q2. Now there are a lot of similarities between Realme buds Q2 and all the other TWS.

The feature in Realme Buds Q2:-

  1. it has Google fast pair, so the Android phone will automatically connect to it. 
  2. The fast-charging feature, which gives you a battery life of 3hr with just 10 minutes of charging, and is something that you were going to use quite often in day-to-day use.
  3. The active noise cancellation feature in this one, which is up to 25 decibels. Same as what you get with Realme Buds Air 2. It is decent, nothing bad nothing good. 
  4. It supports the Realme link app just like other Realme TWS, and the app is surprisingly good, which leads to customize the touch control. Increase the volume level and a few other nifty stuff. 
  5. The Realme Buds Q2 lacks in compared to all the other TWS in this list is that the build quality, as well as the audio quality, is average and there is no in-ear detection as well.  

If you are looking for a good ANC TWS under budget, then the Realme buds Q2 is decent. You just have to pay ₹500 more than the Realme buds Q2 and you get active noise cancellation type C, fast charging, and much more. 

02. Noise Buds solo

The noise buds’ solo and the boat ANC 701, both have the same price point, and same feature and they look quite similar.    

The Pros-

  1. The charging case of noise feels quite premium and has a rubberized coating, the lid also feels quite well built. boat TWS case on the other hand is not that good. But when you take out the earbuds from each one of them, well, they look quite similar. Like airports pro design. 
  2. The best thing about the noise buds’ solo is the battery life, while all the other TWS only last 24 hours. This one lasts 36 hours (about 1 and a half days), that too without adding any weight to the battery. 

The Cons-

  1. The CTC or capacitive touch controls on the earbuds, it is hit or miss and second.
  2. This one has the lowest range compared to all the others on the list. 

The ANC on Noise Buds and Boat- 

if I say the active noise cancellation on the Airports Pro is said to be around, 8 or 9 on the scale of 0 to 10, then the active noise cancellation in all the TWS in this list will be somewhere around 3 or 4 and I do not even blame them for the price, it is sufficient.  

03. Oppo Enco W51

Oppo 51, which is one of the most expensive TWS in this list, feels most comfortable compared to everyone in this list, which you can see from the eh tips design as well. 

  1. It has the smallest tip compared to everyone on this list. So, if you want to wear it for long hours this will become for a table. 
  2. Also, it is a slightly better noise cancellation that is up to 35 decibels and the Realme Birds Air 2 only offers 25 disables but there is not much difference. 
  3. Another thing that separates Oppo 51 from everyone in this list is that this one has wireless charging, this was all the features of Oppo W51, but if we have to talk about the experience. the audio quality and the call quality on this one are quite decent. 

Overall, the Oppo W51 was initially sold for ₹5000, but right now the price fluctuates somewhere between 4,000 to 4,500, and for that price, you might consider it. 

04. Realme Buds Air 2

There is one TWS that I can easily recommend to everyone. it has to be the Realme birds air 2. It has all the features like-

  1. The form factor of this is surprisingly good. 
  2. The case is pretty good. 
  3. The inner design is very comfortable and then there is also air detection which poses the music whenever you take out the one earbuds and then resume it when you put it back in your ears, 
  4. There is also integration with the Realme link app, so you will be able to customize their touches, increase the volume level and do. Everything that you did with the Realme buds Q2. 
  5. When it comes to the experience of these earphones, well that’s also pretty good. 

These are some of the best sounding earphones in this list is valid when it comes to using the earphone for a long time. They are most comfortable and of course, it also has ANC and fast charging, for the price of RS. 3,200, these Realme buds air 2 are pretty good.  

Which one should you buy

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider the Realme buds Q2 compared to all five of them. The sounds good. The ANC is Just as good as any of them. They’re super cheap and they are one of the best sounding earphones and comfortable ones on this list.

boat as well as noise, they don’t offer a lot of value for money. That’s the reason I don’t recommend it, and yes, you can consider the Realme Buds Air 2, which is also a good option if you have a smaller budget.

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