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BGMI 1.6 Update Is Here With New Settings & Flora Menace Mode

BGMI 1.6 Update New Tips & Tricks

The new 1.6 updates as usual we got new stuff added to BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India), especially the settings got a brand-new redesign and there are few new setting options which we will be taking a look at as well as some tips and tricks about the new Flora Menace mode.

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1). In the settings we got a few new options like merging Crouch in the prone option, if you enabled this, the Crouch and prone will merge into a single button.

Your Crouch works normally as usual, but to use prone you need to hold the Crouch for a while to activate it. This is useful if you’re playing with just two or three fingers, but I wouldn’t recommend using this feature if you’re playing with four or more fingers, because this process would take around one or two extra seconds to activate prone, but it’s a cool feature.

2). Sprint sensitivity. This is a feature I like, so by default you get 50% sensitivity even before this update, it’s capped at 50%. So now if you decrease the sensitivity, you’ll need to drag your thumb finger higher to activate Sprint or to run.

If you increase the Sprint sensitivity, then the Sprint will activate way quicker. I knew you need to drag your thumb less distance to Sprint or run. (Suppose if you put 100%, then the Sprint will activate immediately, so you’ll instantly run when you move your joystick). I highly recommend not to use 100% Sprint Sensitivity put it around 80 to 90% otherwise you won’t be able to walk.

3). The focal length adjustment. This is the scope distance adjusting button. By default, it’s on tap. You need to tap to open and tap to adjust. However, if you use to hold, you need to hold and move up and down to adjust the distance and release your finger to stop, it’s kindly similar to the scope, Tap and hold option.

4). New feature would be the Headshot Sound Effects. You will hear a specific sound when you hit a headshot. I like this new feature and highly recommended enabling it so you will know whether you hit a headshot or not.

5). The highlight moments. By enabling this, your gameplay highlights will be saved directly in the matches. You can view it by going into your career results and click on the replay button. It will show your highlights. (Currently, it’s not working properly, not all the kills are showing but let’s hope it’s going to improve soon). You can also send your highlights to your friends directly by the end of the game.

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