Download Instagram Stories With Music Without Any App

Download Instagram Stories With Music Without Any App

Instagram Stories

In this Blog I’m going to teach you how you can save an Instagram story with music so normally when you post an Instagram story and you want to save it. It will say that you could only save it without music but in this blog, I’m going to teach you a smart trick that you can use to download or save your story with the music and right now I’m going to teach you how you can do that so, let’s get start-

Steps For Downloading Instagram Stories

Follow the following steps for downloading Instagram Stories-

Note: Most Important thing is your Instagram profile should be Public, not Private.

  1. You have to create your Instagram story and I think all you know how to create an Instagram story.
  2. Now upload your Instagram story.
  3. If you click on that download icon at the top right corner it will say save without music you can still save your video but the music will be removed now we don’t want that so what we should do now.
  4. You have to post it into your story.
  5. After the posting Instagram story, your Instagram account should need to be public, not private
  6. If your account is private, do it public
  7. Then go to
  8. Now once you’re on Google you want to search for instaDP so search for instaDP and go to the website or (Click Here)Instagram ID Tech Fibber
  9. Next up you want to search for your username, type your Instagram username, and hit search.
  10. Then click on your profile once it appears and then scrolls down you will find these stories tab so click on stories and then you will see your story right there click on download click on these three little dots.Story Tech Fibber
  11. Then you can click on download and right and your story will start downloading with the music.Download Tech Fibber

That’s exactly how to download an Instagram story with music if this blog helps you out make sure you go ahead and leave a comment down below that this works I would appreciate that and I’ll see you next time.

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