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How to Download and Install iOS 15 Beta Right Now

iOS 15 Developers Beta

In the WWDC 21 apple showcased the iOS 15 for the very first time right now the iOS 15 is available for developers but if you’re like me and can’t wait for the public and the final release then this article for you.

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I will show you how you can install the iOS 15 beta version on your iOS device without the developer account, and guys I do not recommend you install this update on your primary device. as it’s the first beta, and it will have bugs and crashes, and it will not be suitable as a daily driver.

So, before we download the iOS 15 beta version you need to first make sure that you have the backup of your phone. you can take an iCloud or iTunes backup, which will come in handy in case if you want to roll back to the iOS 14.

I’m really happy when I show that the iPhone 6S, a 6-year-old phone, will update. I can’t think of any 6-year-old android device getting the Android 12 update.

Download & install iOS 15 Beta without developer account-

Let me tell you how you can install the iOS 15 beta versions on your iPhone, to update you need to (Click Here), and there you will find the link to the iOS 15 beta profile. you need to open this link using the Safari browser.

Once you do that you will get the prompt to download the profile, once the profile is downloaded. it will show on the settings page on the top, and here you need to hit install.

Then enter the passcode of your phone, after that, it will ask you to go through the terms and conditions where you need to hit the install button again, and finally, you will get the prompt to restart your device.

Once your phone is restarted you need to just go to the settings >> general and then go to the software update, here we have the iOS 15 developer version to install the update. you need an active wi-fi connection and around 6 GB of free space in your phone.

The download size varies depending upon the model of your iPhone, downloading the update will take some time which mainly depends upon your internet speed, and we have successfully installed the iOS 15 beta version on our iPhone 12. 

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