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How To EARN MONEY Online with Google Task Mate App

Google Task Mate App

After waiting for more than 6 months I was finally able to get hands-on with the Google Task Mate app. This app is from Google which provides access to a variety of simple tasks posted by businesses around the world. If you haven’t signed up for this app yet then Click Hare.

It will ask you to join the waitlist and answer a few sample questions. Make sure to give the right answer to these sample questions, once there is a spot available you will get a notification to join the task mate app, and recently I got the notification to join the app.

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The interface of the app is quite clean, and after joining the app you will get two types of categories: field tasks and sitting tasks. As the name suggests field tasks will have questions and tasks where you need to go out near your place and perform some tasks for example-  it will ask you to take a photo of a nearby restaurant or update their opening hours, and in exchange, you will get some money and that too in your local currency.

Right now, the field tasks are available to silver level and above and above, you can increase the level by answering the sitting tasks accurately, and this way you can increase your level and get access to more tasks.

You will get 1 rupee for each answer similarly you have to give all question answer to earn money, now you must be wondering why Google is paying you to do these tasks, it’s very simple google is improving its AI, and with the input from thousands of users like you it’s basically enhancing and improving its artificial intelligence, and also it will help businesses to perform tasks faster.

Now about the money in India you need a minimum of 100 rupees to cash out which you can earn in just 10 to 15 minutes and to withdraw you can add your UPI id in the app’s settings and then just tap on the cash out button, you will get a notification that it will take 48 hours to process the payment.

So, with google task mate you can earn free money daily by simply answering questions and completing tasks. You can do these tasks from your home anytime, anywhere. one thing I should tell you here is that there is a limit right now for the number of questions which you can answer daily, and as mentioned earlier once you level up and reach silver or gold level you will have more tasks, and surveys to do. So, what are you waiting for to join the waitlist right now, and start earning free money using google task mate? 

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