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iPhone 13 Series Is Coming With Crazy New Features

iPhone 13 Series

The iPhone 13 launch event is almost here, and we’ve got a mini-preview of the launch event thanks to some of the last-minute leaks, confirming the world exclusive feature that we have never seen on any smartphone before. It could happen on the iPhone 13 series.

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01. Satellite Communication

Imagine if you’re in a desert, and there is no SIM connectivity or Internet service but guess what. The iPhone 13 will allow you to send an emergency message (thanks to the interaction with the freaking global satellite). According to Mark Garman, the iPhone 13 family will come with a satellite communication feature. Apple will announce it at the launch time, but the actual implementation will happen in the future via software updates, so that could take a couple of months.

02. Storage

Apple is also doing something for the first time, which is to offer 128GB as the base storage for all iPhone models. This was something that they should have done a long time ago. 64GB is extremely low and the fact that we have Android phones right now are costing $130, and they still come with 128GB storage. Apple should be ashamed, but better late than never 128GB will be the base Storage as for the pro iPhones. The storage going from 128GB up to 1TB.

03. RAW Video Format

One of the big reasons why Apple is bringing a lot of storage, which is 128GB and 1TB is because the iPhone 13 Series will support Pro Raw Video Format. Pro Raw videos will take a lot of storage, so this is a smart decision. It seems like Apple will not be increasing the pricing of the iPhone 13 Series is once again going to be similar to last year’s iPhone 12 lineup.

04. Autofocus

The notch is indeed slightly smaller. We have a thicker design thanks to a bigger battery and of course thicker camera lenses. The all-new ultrawide lens with autofocus capability because of the autofocus. This could bring the macro mode on the iPhone for the first time.

Now it’s been further mentioned that Apple is bringing a brand-new AI-based filter system, which means that users will be able to choose where they want to apply the filters. For example, if you want to apply it just to the subject or to the whole image, it will be completely customizable. Apple is working hard to bring some new editing features to a stock photos app and honestly, over the past few months, it has gotten pretty good.

05. A15 Chip

This might be the least exciting thing about the iPhone 13 Series, which is that the Apple A15 chip is set to bring a pretty small upgrade compared to the Apple A14 processor. Again, we’ll see what the actual upgrade will be. Maybe there’s a big difference in the GPU.

06. 120 Hertz Display

The biggest and the most noticeable difference between the iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 12 will be the 120 Hertz refresh rate. iPhone 13 will have a 120 Hertz refresh rate.

07. Apple Watch 7

Apple Watch 7 is coming as well as set to adopt an iPhone-looking design. A big battery upgrade, larger sizes, slimmer bezels, and a. Of course, the brand new S7 processor. Additionally, we might see the iPad Mini 6 at the event, but it could also be delayed because according to Mark Garman, Apple has planned two events for 2021. One Of them will be the iPhone event and the other one will be the Mac Pro/iPad event. 

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