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MIUI 13 Features, Launch Date in India, and Big Issues

MIUI 13 Features

The new version of MIUI is coming very soon. I’m talking about the upcoming MIUI 13 updates, so what are the new features will bring, and what do we know about it. I’m going to tell you. All about the MIUI 13 update, and I’m also going to tell you why I think this might be the most important update for Xiaomi.

First off, MIUI 13 is said to be coming in August with the Mi Mix 4. Xiaomi is launching a Mi Mix phone this year with an under-display camera tech, and it will be the first one to come with the brand new MIUI 13 update.

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So according to rumors, MIUI 13 should bring-

  • improved UI and animations.
  • Better touch sensitivity,
  • improvements to scrolling screenshots,
  • improvements to screen recorder, and I hope there is support for high FPS.
  • It’s also set to bring in new themes, new cool super Wallpapers,
  • new gestures,
  • better always-on display,
  • a scheduling option for Airplane mode with sound.
  • a better notification shade will better manage old and newer notifications while also letting you respond to text faster.
  • This is also said to be fast charging improvements, probably for battery health, and a new power mode for better battery performance.

Now, these are the rumored features, but this sounds good.

Xiaomi recently set up a new division for MIUI, and the new division is called MIUI Pioneer Group, and its main task is to gather info and feedback from users and the MIUI community for both (the Chinese ROM and the global ROM) so that they can quickly fix all of the MIUI issues before rolling out the new MIUI 13 updates.

There is also a new survey from this team in the Mi Community, which uses feedback and issues. Now mi community is banned in India so we can’t access that, but overall, this new MIUI Pioneer group is a good step.

The MIUI 13 updates should add some cool new features to MIUI 13, and that’s great. That’s a good thing, but let’s take a look at the other side of MIUI, the inconsistencies, and the bugs. The biggest problem with MIUI right now is the bugs. It’s crazy.

Let me give you a couple of examples. So recently there was news. All around the Internet of Poco X2 users is not able to use the camera app after the update. That’s big. Xiaomi did give out steps to fix it on Twitter, but how can that reach every single user. I mean, a lot of people already went ahead and paid money in the service center to get this fixed.

Another example is the Redmi Note 9 and other budget phones facing performance issues with MIUI 12 updates. So, Xiaomi just going ahead and releasing another update that removes features like floating windows, the new Control Center, and more. Now there are a lot more examples and the Mi community forums are filled with hundreds of complaints about almost every single Xiaomi device.  

You know what Xiaomi is aware of one of these issues. MIUI R&D had recently apologized for all of these issues. 

The MIUI R&D said that we just did not do enough to make sure that updates are stable, and you can see that the MIUI bugs are device-specific. So one device has one kind of bug and other devices another. It’s not the same on every device.

Look, it’s a matter of MIUI not being properly optimized for each device. I mean, do you guys remember the Mi A3-bricking saga with the Android 11 update. I mean that was insane. I know that was not MIUI, but it was an update that came directly from Xiaomi, and they’ve not tested it because how could a well-tested, supposedly stable update break a phone.

Xiaomi Should fix these issues

I understand Xiaomi launches a lot of phones, Poco phones, Redmi phones, mi phones. But quality control is a big issue. I mean, nobody likes their phones going crazy worse with an update that’s supposed to make things better. It’s a big issue.

  1. The cool new features, the animations, the UI, it’s all nice. It’s great, but with MIUI 13, Xiaomi should focus on the user’s experience. Xiaomi phones deserve a bug-free experience that gets better with updates, not worse.
  2. It’s high time for Xiaomi to fixes the whole MIUI setup process in its phones. See right now the flagship mi 11 Ultra, and the budget Redmi Note 10. You get the same setup experience on MIUI, which sneakily wants users to install recommended apps. Use the glass lock screen feature, which is adware so it’s high time Xiaomi. Let’s scope this cluttered shady setup experience.
  3. This time they have to give better RAM management in MIUI. I mean, this has been a problem with Xiaomi phones since forever, all budget phones coming with 6 and 8GB of RAM there’s no need for MIUI to kill apps in the background. Xiaomi should fix this.
  4. There’s one more thing, maybe more timely Updates with MIUI and maybe three years of major Android updates for all of his phones. But maybe I’m asking a bit too much. See altimetry the point is the Great hardware deserves a great software experience.

We all know how good Xiaomi phones are when it comes to design, and the specs just think about it, let me tell you. The Redmi Note 10 Pro Max, the mi 11X, the Mi 11 ultra. All these phones are mostly unmatched, but in the end, the decision comes down to whether you can accept MIUI or you can’t, and this is what Xiaomi needs to fix with MIUI 13, to be honest to MIUI Pioneer Group is a very good step because Xiaomi needs a big push when it comes to software experience.

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