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OnePlus Nord 2 Specification, Price in India, and Features

OnePlus Nord 2

OnePlus Nord 2 is coming and coming very soon. In fact, in July itself it is going to launch in India, and to be honest with you I am excited. It might be a phone that might redeem OnePlus to a certain extent, and I will tell you why I am saying redeem just a couple of weeks back they launched the OnePlus Nord CE 5G

Now you know it might sound harsh but it was not Core Edition. I will say to a certain extent it was Compromised Edition, I said it might sound harsh, but I am slightly disappointed. you do not have the base variant; you do not get the 22,000 to 23,000 Rupees base variant. 

You only get the 6/128GB variant which starts at 25,000 for a 750G. Asking 25,000 is a bit much and even with the launches before that, the OnePlus series, OnePlus 9Pro, I thought out of all the phones that launched in the OnePlus series.

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OnePlus 9R was a kind of value for money. You are paying an amount and you are getting an equal amount of phone but with others. I am not sure. I was expecting a lot with this Hasselblad partnership with cameras, but it did not live up to the expectations. 

Hasselblad was just hassle bad. Even their pricing for the flagship OnePlus and 9 Pro I thought was a touch higher and that is why I am looking up to OnePlus Nord 2 and that is why I am excited because you know you look at the specifications that have come out. All the rumors and leaks that are out and I think. It is going to be an exceptionally good phone. 


It is going to be on MediaTek Dimensity 1200 processor and we know it. It is a very, very capable processor. I will say it is something like Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 or slightly higher or in a certain aspect, although there were rumors that the OnePlus Nord 2 will be a re-badged version of Realme X 9pro. The renders that have come out. They look at the OnePlus 9, they look like the flagship OnePlus 9, so that is a good thing. 


At the back, there are three cameras and the primary camera which is going to be 50 megapixels, is a good thing. That is the latest sensor 50 megapixels. the other two are 8 and 2, so nothing much to talk about. 

Their but 50 megapixels, I am hoping Will click some great pictures even on the selfie front, OnePlus Nord 2 might surprise you because they are saying that OnePlus is doing away with their traditional 16 megapixels and going with 32-megapixel selfie sensor, which is going to be on Nord 2, and that is a massive thing. 

That is a big move because in the last 3-4 years we have only seen 16-megapixel selfie sensors on OnePlus phones, but unlike Nord CE which does not have an alert slider and I missed, that’s part of the core of the OnePlus phone. That is not there, but thankfully or nod to you have an alert slider but 3.5-millimeter Jack is not there. 


It is going to be an OLED display. It is going to be a 6.43-inch FHD plus display and you know it OnePlus phones have grade displays. I mean that has been consistent and it is not going to be any different with Nord 2 as well. 


Talking about the battery, I have to say that OnePlus is improving. They are increasing the capacity of the battery, even Nord 2 is going to be a 4500 milliampere, which I think is an ideal size for a battery, you know not the too heavy, not too light, and correct amount of juice, and as far as the charger goes either the 30 Watt or 65 Watt. 

If it is 65, I would love it. So, look at everything, displays, beat Battery, beat the performance. I am talking about the processor of beat connectivity. Even 5G is there, so everything is there and we can call this a real successor of OnePlus Nord. 


I am curious to know what it is going to be priced at because that is going to be very important, and if the base variant comes between 25,000 to 30,000. Then I think it will be a great deal.

one thing I want to say very clearly, not only to OnePlus but all the brands. If you produce a base variant at an aggressive price, please make sure stocks are available.

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