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Top 5 Best Free Media Player Software for Windows & Mac

Best Media Player for Windows & Mac

If you’re looking for a free media player for your computer that will play just about any video or audio file. Then you’ve come to the right place in the top five. I’ll count down the best media player software that you can use for free. All of which are available for Windows along with a few that are also available for Linux and Mac OS.

5. DivX-Player

Let’s get started. Starting off our countdown coming in at number five is give DivX-player their claim to fame is being the first of any media player to offer. HEVC, playback up to 4K. They’ll also offer support for most of the popular formats including MP4, MKV, AVI, and of course, their very own format DivX.

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They have this cool feature called trick play. It lets you quickly, jump to various chapters in your video there. Multiple audio features let you easily. Soundtracks without interrupting playback. A can easily cast from your computer to an EDL, a compatible device. Including Chromecast, their user layout is easy enough to figure out even for novice users but both of the key settings and features are located along the lower. Right-clicking. They’re casting feature to cast. What is on your screen to another device?

One downside of DivX is that it’s ad-supported, you want to get rid of the ads and take advantage of the additional features did that expose a reasonable one-time fee of Just Around $20, if DivX will completely free, it would easily be number one on our list. Did you get a for the twenty-dollar one-time payment? It’s worth it but don’t you worry we have some excellent freebies coming up for you. In our top four, DivX players available for both Windows and Mac OS coming in.

4. MPV Player

The MPV player this free and open-source cross-platform media player offers a minimalistic design and great. For those of you looking for a media player that has low, Act on system, resources, it supports all of the popular media formats with GPU video decoding and high-quality video output.

While MPV at its core is a basic media player. There are hundreds of user scripts available on GitHub to enhance its capabilities. For those of you interested in go check this out on GitHub’s website, as I mentioned earlier, the interface is minimal. You’ll find the basic controls and an overlay here at the bottom of the window and MPV players available for All three of the major operating systems Windows, Mac, and Linux.

3. POT Player

At number three is a POT player. It’s a favorite of many people and uses techniques, like Cuda DXVA and click sync to deliver the ultimate performance. It supports, most of the popular video, and audio codecs, along with various subtitle formats, and supports open Kodak, which lets you add any codec. You want to the player, some of the other features include 360-degree output online streaming and support for DVDs and Blu-rays.

Being the opposite of MPV. Pot player’s interface is full of options and features including this control panel here on the right. That pops up to change the audio-video subtitle and Playback settings Poplar angered a lot of its users a couple of years ago but with the inclusion of advertisements they sense to remove the ads, it’s only available for Windows on any computer running Windows XP or newer. In the runner-up spot.

2. SM Player

Coming in at number two, is the SM player featured earlier this year, in our free software series. It lets you change the look of the player but several skins and icons. Themes included, it’s packed full of features, including bookmarking of the time position of the file played configurable subtitles, and just like MPV and our number one pick coming up as SM players, completely free and open sores using the m-player playback Engine with the Codex built-in. It supports most of the known audio and video file formats and Codex.

Some people are put off by the way, it looks. When they first install it, customize it the way you want it. Here are the toolbar select options then select preferences. Here in the sidebar, click interface. Experiment with gooey icon set and style. In this example, I’ll change the gooey and the icon set. When you’re done, making your changes click apply. You’ll see the new look when the media player relaunch has SM players available for both Windows and Linux.

1. VLC Player

The competition nipping at its heels, VLC media player by a slight margin, retains the crown as the best free media player. It’s free and open-source with no ads, spyware, and user tracking. And available for just about every platform.

It can play. Just about any known file format. You could think of and can play DVDs with support for subtitles. It’s also highly customizable, you can change the way it looks. By adding already made skins or you can create your own with their skin editor. You can also install extensions. Just like SM player, many people don’t like the user interface for VLC claiming, it looks outdated.

Here’s some good news for those who haven’t heard yet several websites are reporting that VLC is expected to change to a more modern interface at some time later this year. The VLC media player is available for Windows Mac and Linux and also has apps available for both Android and iOS.

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