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Top 5 Best Mobile Phones Under RS. 15000 in India 2021

Top 5 Best Smartphones

If you looking for the best mobile phones under RS. 15,000, then you come to the right place. I will tell you the best phones under 15,000 rupees and how do they compare with other smartphones? With their pros and cons, so, let’s find out which is the best smartphone a customer can buy for under 15,000 rupees.

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Now before I begin you should know since there are so, many smartphones released every month there is no one perfect smartphone that works for everyone rather, you have to first decide what are the factors that are important to you and what are the factors that you’re ready to compromise once you have the list match it with the pros and cons.

Top 5 Mobile phones list:- 

  1. Redmi Note 10 Pro
  2. Samsung F41
  3. Oppo A53S
  4.  Realme 8
  5. Moto G40 Fusion

5. Moto G40 Fusion

Top 5 Best Mobile Phones Under RS. 15000 in India 2021So, first up we have the moto G40 fusion released a month ago and the price started at 14,000 rupees. now I will be talking about the most important factors that you should consider before buying this phone.

So, let’s start with what’s good about this moto G40 fusion, the smartphone comes with a 6000 mAH battery. usually, you get 5000 mAH on other smartphones which is a standard at this price point and you also get a 20-watt fast charger ideally Realme, and Xiaomi gives you a 33-watt fast charger but 20 watts is more than sufficient.

The second thing that I like about this smartphone is the software it’s the only budget smartphone except for Micromax that offers a clean Android experience, there’s no single ad, no bloatware, or anything that you find in Realme or Xiaomi or even Samsung for that matter.

The third thing that I like about this G40 fusion is the performance you get the snapdragon 732G it’s a good mid-range processor which is also available in Redmi note 10 pro, but that will cost you 16,000 rupees but you get it on this G40 fusion for only 14,000 rest assured it’s a very good software good enough for gaming multitasking and everything the phone will never lag when it comes to performance.

Now even with all these good features, I won’t recommend this phone why so, it weighs somewhere around 220 grams usually other smartphones are well under 200 grams and it’s not just heavy it’s also, quite tall at 6.8 inches, this makes it difficult to unlock the smartphone using the fingerprint.

Overall, it’s not one of the best-looking smartphones and not the one-handed device however, it’s not just that there are few other problems such as the camera is a bit slower and it doesn’t have AMOLED displays as you get with Redmi, Xiaomi, and even Samsung. it’s an LCD so overall that’s the reason I don’t recommend this phone.

4. Realme 8

Top 5 Best Mobile Phones Under RS. 15000 in India 2021So, next up we have the Realme 8 with the big “dare to leap logo” at the back but currently, this phone is sold for only 14,500 rupees on Flipkart and again if you’re considering this phone.

The good part of the Realme 8 includes the MediaTek G95 chipset same as Realme 7 but keep in mind the Realme 7 was 17,000 rupees, while the Realme 8 is only 14,500 rupees.

Another thing that I like about this smartphone is the AMOLED display which was missing in the G40 series and you have to say the camera in this one is pretty impressive under 15 000 rupees.

Now let’s talk about the things that I didn’t like about in this smartphone and it has to be the big “Dare to leap” logo especially when there’s no leap going on here so, you can cover it with a back cover or something but it’s a reason big enough for me not to use the phone in the first place.

Also, I would like to point out the fact that Realme release Realme 8 5G right after the release of Realme 8. so many people who bought Realme 8 got dissatisfied and we are seeing the same trend with Redmi note 10 pro as well.

3. Oppo A53S

Top 5 Best Mobile Phones Under RS. 15000 in India 2021Now talking about 5G this is the cheapest 5G phone available in the market, the oppo a53s now you might have not heard a lot about this smartphone and I will tell you why in a bit but when I say it’s the cheapest 5G phone. it starts at 14,990 but since this is an oppo phone you can easily get it for 13,000 to 14,000 in the offline market depending on your negotiation skills.

The cheapest 5G phone while all the other brands at this price range give you one or two 5G bands this one has four 5G bands which makes it an affordable 5G.

Now talking about what I didn’t like about this smartphone is the same as what I didn’t like about any 5G budget phone the specs, at budget segment you either buy a good phone or you buy a 5G phone and it’s true for this as well.

So, if you take a look at the specs of the phone at the same price segment you can see it lags at pretty much every aspect be it your display, camera, refresh rate, and even charger and I can’t blame the company as well if a brand has to spend a little bit extra on the 5G chip which is not cheap by the way then they have little money left for another department.  you either buy a good phone or you buy a 5G phone.

2. Samsung F41

Top 5 Best Mobile Phones Under RS. 15000 in India 2021So. next up we have the Samsung F41 now I know it’s a bit old device but since it shows up a lot on Flipkart search and so, let’s quickly go through the good part first and it has to be the Samsung’s AMOLED display but that’s about it.

What I didn’t like about the phone is the scene old and overused Exynos 9611 also, the recommendation ads and bloatware from Samsung are pretty bad in this one. I know Realme and Xiaomi also have ads but for some reason, this F41 has more of them also it has two different versions of the same apps from the play store and Samsung store if you want a Samsung phone then F62 is a much better option here.

1. Redmi Note 10 Pro

Top 5 Best Mobile Phones Under RS. 15000 in India 2021Finally, the disruptor the phone that we were all waiting for the Redmi note 10 pro this hands down is one of the best smartphones, anyone can buy for under 15,000 rupees. They beat the competition in every corner because it comes with a 120-hertz super AMOLED display and 120-hertz AMOLED at this price point is unbelievable and in terms of look, it’s one of the best-looking budget smartphones out there with the sleek class back something that was missing in moto G40 or even Realme 8.

It also has a decent camera, Snapdragon 732G performance, and a 5000 mAH decent battery with a 33-watt fast charger. now there’s nothing to dislike about the smartphone other than the small bugs in UI and proximity sensor.

The only issue here’s in this smartphone is always out of stock and since it’s mostly out of stocks users are forced to look for either the Redmi note 10 pro max or the Redmi note 10. both of them are a good option but not the best value for money option like this Redmi note 10 pro also, there are rumors that Xiaomi is going to bring back the 5G version of this Redmi Note 10 series which is disappointing especially after the CEO Manu Kumar Jain said that 5G is overrated in India.


The Redmi Note 10 Pro is one of the best phones money can buy hands down only if you can buy it in a flash sale in case you are not able to buy it in the flash sale then Realme 8 is also a decent option. you just have to make compromises on the looks department and the same is the case with this moto G40 as well it is a little bit thick and bulky but it’s a good option if you’re looking for performance stock Android and a good battery.

All of them are top-notch I would personally use it as my daily driver if it comes with the form factor of Realme 8 or even Redmi note 10 pro either way if and only if you want a 5G phone and you’re ready to make compromises in the specs then you can consider this oppo a53s and of course, I don’t recommend the Samsung F41 in the first place overall I hope I was able to give you mental clarity of this smartphone to buy under 15,000 rupees.

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