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Top 6 iOS 15 Features that Should be in Android 12

iOS 15 New Features

The developer beta of iOS 15 just launched, and I have been trying it out on my iPhone 12 Pro and as an Android user, there are some great features in iOS 15, that I want to see in Android, well, here’s some feature’s that I’m talking about.

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The New Privacy Feature

Let’s face it android has kind of been lagging behind iOS when it comes to privacy features, but then Android 12 comes in a picture, and Android 12 will fix the little bit of privacy issue in android phones, but in terms of privacy issue, iOS 15 is far better than Android 12.

iOS 15 have even more useful features in terms of privacy. First up is routine bringing app privacy reports, similar to the Android 12 Privacy Dashboard feature. So, you can go to privacy settings on iOS 15 and enable record app activity, after which this will save a seven-day summary report of when apps access my location, mic, and all other things.

It will also show if any third-party websites are accessing my personal information via apps, you can enable this very useful feature, and see all app reports.

The mail app has got new privacy protection features, and that is when you add an email account on the mail app, you will receive a prompt with the option to hide your IP address and load emails privately.

So, hide my IP address means it hides your IP address from trackers, and loads emails privately, which will prevent email tracking. So, when you opened up an email, the sender won’t get notified that you have open the email.

The New Safari feature

Safari is cool now, and it’s something that I hope Google takes inspiration from, it does something that Chrome has been sort of confused about for a long time. It brings the address bar to the bottom, there is now a floating address bar at the bottom which even goes in the background when you scroll down on a website.

There are also some cool gestures, you can swipe left to open a new tab, and you can also switch between the tabs by swiping left and right it’s very seamless.

I know Chrome has just a toolbar. It’s on the address bar on the top, making it almost impossible to use, and I can also swipe up. On the address bar. To get to the tab Switcher like this.

all the important features are present safari-like, as the reading mode. The read later list, privacy report, and more.

Now one big feature in Safari is bringing on iOS 15 is extension support. Yes, another feature we have been wanting on chrome. Right now, most of the extensions on the App Store are about ad blocking, but I think we’ll see a lot of desktop extensions ported to iOS when the iOS 15 stable version released.

Apart from that I also like the Safari start page customization options, especially the options that set a background image,

The Offline Siri

We all. Know that Google Assistant is better than Siri. Yes, it’s the truth. But you know what. There’s one feature in iOS 15 that caught my attention. It’s the ability to work Siri offline, so iOS 15. All the audio requests will be processed on the device, and that means it’s faster and now also gets a lot of tasks done without the Internet.

Right now, Google Assistant needs the Internet to work, even for things like a timer, alarm, etc. So, an offline Google Assistant for time, alarm, changing settings, etc, would be super handy for Android users.

The Live text Feature

iOS 15 brings a new live text feature which is OCR. and it works similar like Google Lens, but you know what. its implementation in certain areas is what makes it so cool. For example, you can press hold in a text field anywhere be it messages, or WhatsApp, or anywhere else, and use the text from camera option to quickly point the camera on the text and it quickly recognizes the text. 

Now move the camera around to change the text selection and it does all of that quickly, and you can also tap to copy the text, this is very fast and very cool, so I would love to see this feature on Android Especially since Google Lens is also pretty good.

The Find my device Feature

iOS 15 made its find my feature even better with iOS 15. See in iOS 15 an iPhone location is still traceable even when the iPhone is turned off. that’s pretty cool and that’s due to the new find my network option.

Look, it seems that with iOS 15, the iPhone stays in a low power mode even when it’s turned off, and it sort of acts like an air tag, allowing any nearby iOS devices to pick up the Bluetooth signal and send back its location. That is awesome really, because the first thing a thief does is, you know, turn off the phone.

Now, according to Apple, the location tracking Will even keep working when an iPhone is reset to factory, settings with activation lock enabled. Also, these are features that we need on androids. Find My Device feature.

The New iCloud+ Feature

Apple is also introducing some really useful features with iCloud plus. First up there is a private relay, which is apples VPN feature, this makes sure all traffic from your iPhone gets encrypted and not even Apple can read them.

The second feature is hide my email which is let you use the random disposable email address to sign up on third-party apps or websites, and you even send emails without sharing your real email address.

iCloud will also let you personalize your iCloud mail address to the custom domain name. Now all of these features are cool and maybe Google can bring something like this in Google One. I mean the VPN feature and the hide my email feature is especially useful. I’d love to see that on Android.

iOS 15 brings a lot of other interesting features. For example, share play looks pretty fun, but you know what. I was most impressed with the features I just talked about.

I mean, I like the new privacy features, which again make Android not look so good. There’s offline Siri, which seems fast and very handy. Safari is cool and it actually brings some great improvements, and then there are features like focus and iCloud plus. I want Android to copy these features from iOS 15. 

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