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What is Pegasus Spyware? How to Stay Safe?

World's most powerful spyware

Pegasus is spyware that was developed by an Israeli-based cyber intelligence and security firm NSO Group. The spyware, believed to have been around at least since 2016, was earlier known as Q Suite and Trident.

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The Pegasus spyware is considered to be among the most sophisticated phone-hacking tool ever. Cyber experts say that the spyware can infiltrate iOS, Apple’s mobile phone operating system, and Android devices.

How Pegasus Work's

It can Harm your privacy-

  • Pegasus can be installed on a phone through vulnerabilities in common apps.
  • The spyware can be installed by tricking a target into clicking a malicious link.
  • These links can be forwarded through SMS messages, WhatsApp, or even iMessage on Apple devices.
  • According to reports, the latest version of the spyware can be installed even via a missed call.

What happens once the spyware enters your phone-

  • Once it enters the phone, the Pegasus spyware can provide complete remote control to the client.
  • Once it gains access after entering the phone, Pegasus can harvest more or less any information or extract any file.
  • This enables the spyware to access all personal data, including Whatsapp conversations, emails, SMS, and any data on the phone.
  • The spyware also allows the client to record a target phone’s call conversations and video calls.
  • The spyware can activate the camera and microphone and enable GPS data to access the location of the target phone.
  • The Forensic reports on the use of spyware also suggest that it can download photos and videos from the target phone.
  • The software can even target most security-conscious mobile phone users.
  • Experts say the recent versions of the spyware can even get access to deleted files or temporary memory.

How to Stay Safe

How to Stay Safe-

  • Don’t install any APK from outside
  • Use VPN if you are connected with public Wi-Fi
  • Keep your phone updated
  • Send disappearing messages

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