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What is Xiaomi Offline Store SCAM: Needs to Stop

Xiaomi Offline Store SCAM

Let’s talk about the pricing and the scam that is right now going on in Mi authorized stores as you know these latest Redmi note 10 series phones were launched in India and it’s very difficult to get them even then on amazon and on flash sales that comes it just goes away so yes, you can buy it from the Mi authorized stores that Xiaomi has all over the country.

But the problem is that many of the users have complained it to Mi customer care and I also actually personally, encountered it the problem is many of these sellers in these authorized Mi stores. I’m not talking about third party stores that are selling in the black market no I’m talking about Mi authorized stores that are by Mi these guys are actually when you go to these stores and you want to buy these smartphones they are compelling users to buy extra stuff, for example, they will tell you if you want to buy this smartphone you have to buy this extra insurance plan or whatever for 1200 to 1300 rupees or you have to buy an extra Bluetooth speaker that cost about 2000 rupees and if you deny them they will just say that they don’t want to sell it to you and this is happening a lot quite. I think so this should actually, stop.

I get it Xiaomi you have launched these smartphones at a very aggressive price point and if you want to sell them in the offline market you can be very forthcoming and say that yes if you buy these smartphones online on amazon or it will be at the same price but if you buy it from offline stores or our Mi authorized store it will be a little bit extra 500 rupees 600 rupees or whatever but let’s be forthcoming don’t let your authorized stores to gouge the customers like this and boss around this is simply unethical guys this is just wrong in my frank opinion I would say this happened to me also.

Mi authorized stores this should stop when a person is coming and buying a smartphone you just can’t show them accessories that you have to buy this also you have to buy that also if you buy want to buy our smartphones and again let’s not even talk about your online flash sales they are a real mess I hope when you talk about this honest pricing I like what pricing you have done but let’s just make it honest and be forthcoming if persons are buying from our offline stores yes there will be some extra price let’s say 500 rupees or whatever but again let’s be forthcoming and let’s just stop your authorize me uh sellers to stop gouging this uh stuff from customers charging whatever extra they want they’ll bundle accessories if you want to buy just stop this is just not fair

I would love to know your opinion about that and if you bought any what do you say Xiaomi smartphones etc or these new Redmi note 10 series smartphones from the offline market did you have to pay extra if you paid extra what extra accessories you had to buy let me know in the comment section below and guys again share this blog that others also know about this and I hope Xiaomi takes an action on this.

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